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Episode 99

Traveling to Consciousness with Clayton Cuteri

Stacy and Brenda talk with Clayton Cuteri about the connection of quantum physics and spirituality. We discuss quantum shifting, perceptions, changing old patterns and beliefs trapped in our body and how our subconscious programs are creating our reality. How we can heal trauma from the quantum perspective? How do we find and hold deeper meaning in our everyday life? How do we step aside, tap into our truth and hold that with reverence while not feeling like we fit into the "norm"?  How do we stay in the flow? How do we tap into this energy? How do we create emotional "control." How do we truly discover our life’s purpose. How it's important to pay attention to signs and synchronicities. He shares a process that can help support moving through energetic blocks.

Clayton had been questioning his life from a young age. Everyone commented on how amazing his life was, but he didn’t feel it. It was as if people enjoyed hearing about it, more than he enjoyed living it. After facing many trials and tribulations with his mind, meditating, and 2 distinct psilocybin therapies, Clayton connected with himself. Well, at least he began to connect. In connecting with himself, it showed him how to connect with others. It opened his eyes to the vast amounts of pain and suffering in the world. He’s now on a mission to help rid the world of as much suffering as he possibly can, the only way he knows how – connecting with people. Once realizing he was finding incredible depth in the conversations with his friends around spirituality and consciousness, his podcast was born called Traveling To Consciousness- a raw, uncut, uncensored podcast for the ages. He listens to his intuition and is now pursuing his podcast as a boom or bust and traveling the world in the process.

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